Resources for Students

Resources for Students

Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is all around us! From turning on your phone, watching Netflix to the roads we use to get to school, STEM is the driving force behind what makes our world go around.  The most exciting careers of today and the careers of the future are in STEM. 

If you like to think creatively, problem solve and work collaboratively, STEM is for you. You can change the world with STEM. Find out how on the Future You website or the Girls in STEM Toolkit. 


If science experiments are your favourite thing about STEM, you could use your skills of inquiry and problem-solving to make discoveries and find solutions to real-world challenges. 


Technology subjects that teach skills like coding and design are always popular. If you enjoy using your creativity in Design Technology, or seeing how new technologies improve our everyday lives, you are already engaging in the ways of thinking that make STEM innovations possible!  


Engineering combines maths, science and creative problem-solving! If you love finding practical solutions to problems, engineering is about understanding how things work to design, construct, improve and maintain the infrastructure and technology we couldn’t live without. From the design and construction of aircraft and building smart cities to monitoring the health of our environments, engineering career options are limitless.


If maths is your strong point, you already have a strong foundation for a career in STEM. From studying the environment, and virtual reality to launching spacecraft — mathematics makes our greatest ideas possible. Your ability to use numbers, measurements and calculations to solve complex problems creatively can lead to a limitless number of STEM careers. 

Our STEM Education Resources

Other Resources

The GIST provides teachers with access to free, inclusive STEM lesson ideas, features lots of role models and is packed with resources, activities and a career quiz.

Careers with STEM is a great source of information on a range of exciting STEM careers and features real-life role models, teaching resources and more.

A complete guide to careers in science, technology, engineering & mathematics from GradAustralia.

Resources for students, teachers and parents to plan maths study pathways from the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute.

Explore in-demand roles and learn about career opportunities possible with a UNSW Science degree.

A program for young people passionate about STEM that STEM shows the wide variety of engaging, rewarding and inspiring study and career options available in STEM fields.

CSIRO’s virtual work experience program supports students to undertake work experience remotely, providing opportunities for those who may face geographic or other barriers to participating in traditional work experience. 

Australia’s first centralised national portal for exciting and engaging STEM activities from around the country.

EA Junior Club provides activities and resources to parents and primary school teachers who want to bring engineering into the classroom.

Watch this video of STEM professionals, including Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith, talking about their careers.  

Explore resources for educators

We have shared useful information to support educators trying to increase participation and engagement in STEM.

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We’ve shared some useful resources to support families to engage children with STEM.