Workplace Equity

Workplace Equity

Workplace equity benefits everyone. Research has shown that equitable workplaces are more productive and innovative, report greater workforce well-being, and achieve better outcomes.

Achieving workplace equity requires sustained investment in initiatives that address attraction and retention.

We have developed evidence-based tools to support transformative action for equity in STEM workplaces. 

Workplace Gender Equity: An implementation guide supports workplaces on their gender equity journey by breaking implementation down into a simple, four-step process. The guide provides practical advice on how to develop and successfully implement evidence-based gender equity programs. Organisations can use the guide to design gender equity initiatives that work, avoid common pitfalls, and implement lasting change to shift the dial on gender equity in STEM.

The guide is a valuable addition to our existing suite of free, evidence-based evaluation tools developed to support the design of effective programs and interventions that promote gender equity. The National Evaluation Guide for STEM Equity Programs and the STEM Equity Evaluation Portal, support organisations to evaluate their initiatives and better understand what works.

Our resources will support your organisation at every stage of your equity journey. 

Resources for Workplaces

This free guide provides advice on how to successfully implement gender equity programs and avoid common pitfalls. 

This free guide provides advice on how to assess your STEM equity program and share your findings.

The portal is a free online tool STEM equity program leaders can use to evaluate their programs. 

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Other Resources

WGEA works towards promoting and improving gender equality in Australian workplaces by working collaboratively with employers. They have created a variety of tools, guides and blueprints to help organisations navigate areas such as flexible work, parental leave, pay equity and more.

The Respect@Work website brings together a comprehensive set of resources to support individuals and organisations to better understand, prevent and address workplace sexual harassment.

This gender impact assessment toolkit will help you assess the gendered impact of your policies, programs and services. It sets out a best-practice gender impact assessment process and includes templates for recording information, analysis and outcomes.

Our Watch is a national leader in the primary prevention of violence against women and their children in Australia. They provide violence prevention tools and resources for workplaces that focus on gender equality and respect.

The Australian Human Rights Commission have created a suite of practical resources to support the development of effective workplace policies and practices to promote diversity and prevent discrimination

Diversity Council Australia provides members with access to curated resources that promote and advance inclusion and diversity through the creation of more diverse and inclusive workplaces 

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What works to improve equity in STEM

We have developed tools to guide evaluation efforts across STEM equity initiatives in Australia.