STEM for Students


The amazing thing about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is that it is all around us! From turning on your phone, watching Netflix to the roads we use to get to school, STEM is the driving force behind what makes our world go around.  

The most exciting careers of today and the careers of the future can start with STEM in school. 

If you like to think creatively, problem solve and to work collaboratively, STEM in school is a great  place to start; the pathways it could take you are limitless.

Find out how you can change the world with STEM on the FUTURE YOU website or the Girls in STEM Toolkit. 


Stem In School Pathways


Where could your favourite STEM subject take you? 






If science experiments in the classroom are your favourite thing about STEM at school, then you could use your skills of inquiry and problem solving to make discoveries and find solutions to real-world challenges. 



Technology subjects at school are often the subjects students love the most, using skills like coding and design. If you enjoy using your creativity in Design Technology, or seeing how new technologies improve our everyday lives in subjects like Industrial Technology or Food Technology, you are already engaging in the ways of thinking that make STEM innovations possible!  



Engineering combines maths, science & creative problem solving.! If you love finding practical solutions to problems, engineering is all about understanding how things work to design, construct, improve and maintain the infrastructure and technology we couldn’t live without.  

From the design and construction of aircraft, building smart cities, to monitoring the health of our environments, engineering career options are limitless. 



If maths is your strong point, you can use passion for all things mathematics to set a strong foundation for a career in STEM.  

From studying the environment, virtual reality to launching spacecraft — mathematics makes our greatest ideas possible. Your ability to use numbers, measurements and calculations to creatively solve complex problems can lead to a limitless number of STEM careers. 


If you are driven by curiosity and love finding new solutions to problems, look no further than our STEM for primary students FUTURE YOU website to discover where your interests can take you!  

STEM for students is fun, interesting and diverse and can lead to many different careers pathways. From environmental science to renewable energies and even video game design, the options are endless.   

Explore more STEM for students resources and STEM career options. 

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