Dr Isabelle Kingsley



Dr Isabelle Kingsley

Isabelle Kingsley is a researcher, science communicator and educator. Isabelle is a former high school teacher and museum educator. She is co-founder and former-director of the Sydney Science Festival and Chief Education and Research Officer for a STEM e-learning company—Arludo. Her research focuses on measuring the impacts of science education and outreach.

As Research Associate for the Office of the Women in STEM Ambassador, Isabelle is investigating what works, and what works best, to smash gender inequities in the workplace. Specifically, Isabelle is leading a national trial to study the effects of anonymising grant applications for in-demand scientific equipment, like telescopes, synchrotrons, and supercomputers. Isabelle also leads the Office’s national efforts to embed evaluation into STEM equity programs. She has developed a free evaluation guide to support anyone running an equity program and guide investment in programs that are effective in removing barriers to girls’ and women’s participation. Isabelle also leads the development of an online evaluation tool, the STEM Equity Evaluation Portal. The Portal will also act as a national repository of evaluations and will be launched in 2022.

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