Sarah Ratcliffe

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Dr Sarah Ratcliffe

Sarah Ratcliffe (she/her; PhD) is a researcher using collaborative, intersectional research and evidence-based interventions for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Trained in Health and Social Psychology, Sarah has worked internationally researching stigma, gender, and reproductive health. Her work applies scientific processes and evidence to dismantle barriers to equity, and support social justice.

Within the Office of the Women in STEM Ambassador, Sarah is reviewing diversity in STEM initiatives to inform the Commonwealth Government’s Diversity in STEM Review. As Research Associate, Sarah is leading the disability and LGBTQIA+ aspects of the review and assessment of the evidence about diversity in STEM initiatives in parallel with Dr Jesse Bergman. The work will present evidence-based recommendations to the Diversity in STEM Review Panel and Taskforce to help ensure STEM is equitable.

Find out the latest details of Sarah’s research with the Office of the Women in STEM Ambassador here.

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