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National Evaluation Guide

Australia has hundreds of programs to tackle STEM gender equity issues [1], but are they working? Unfortunately, there is little evidence that they are working because few programs are formally evaluated [2]. The lack of evaluation makes it difficult to know whether—and to what extent—programs are effective. The Women in STEM Decadal Plan stresses the importance of evaluation as a priority across the sector.

The Office of the Women in STEM Ambassador has developed a new guide to evaluating STEM gender equity programs, titled Evaluating STEM Gender Equity Programs: A guide to effective program evaluation (the Guide). The Guide enables program owners to undertake self-evaluation that is consistent and comparable across Australia.

The Guide delivers on a key recommendation of the Women in STEM Decadal Plan and is an integral part of the Australian Government’s Advancing Women in STEM 2020 Action Plan. The aim is to embed a culture of evaluation for all projects that support girls’ and women’s participation in STEM to help us understand what works for the Australian context. 

The Guide is being piloted in a collaborative project with previous recipients of Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) grants. The pilot will allow the Guide to be tested and refined and provide valuable insights into previously funded projects. From 2020-21, the Department will provide all WISE funded projects with the evaluation Guide.

As the Office of the Women in STEM Ambassador continues to test and refine the Guide throughout 2020, broader consultation is welcome. If you would like to pilot the Guide and contribute feedback, please download it below by providing your email address. Your email address will only be used by the Office to contact you for feedback and consultation. Please note the document you are downloading is in draft form. 


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  2. Australian Academy of Science, Women in STEM Decadal Plan. 2019.

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