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Evaluation in equity: ask the experts

Are you planning or running an equity, diversity and inclusion program? Are you trying to create change towards a more equitable world? 

How do you know if your actions are working? 

Join us for the webinar Evaluation in equity: ask the experts on Monday, 11 September at 12pm AEST. This webinar will be hosted by Dr Isabelle Kingsley, Senior Research Associate from the office of Australia’s Women in STEM Ambassador

Evaluation is a key part of any program. By evaluating your program, you can understand if and how your actions are creating change. It also helps others understand what works and how to improve what doesn’t. 

What to expect: 

In the first half of the webinar, Dr Isabelle Kingsley will speak to global evaluation expert Associate Professor Eric Jensen from Warwick University (UK) about why we need to evaluate equity programs. Then, Isabelle — creator of the National Evaluation Guide and the STEM Equity Evaluation Portal— will show you how to break evaluation down into a simple, 5-step approach using a free online tool. In the second half of the webinar, Isabelle and Eric will answer your evaluation questions in an open Q&A forum. 

The event will run for 45 minutes and is open to all. Please forward this invitation to relevant members of your team.