Imagining the Future with Future You

Win a set of 5 novels by the Imagining The Future writers in our Imagining the Future giveaway competition.

Future You is thrilled to be working with five of Australia’s leading writers of fiction for children and Young Adults on our new fiction program, Imagining The Future.

You can enter an exclusive competition for SCIS Connections magazine readers to win a set of their top titles in our Future You giveaway competition.

Imagining the Future and your school

An image of the authors of the Imagining the Future books are sitting together on an outdoor picnic table. They are smiling at the camera. The gound is littered with leaves, it's autumn. From left to right, Melissa Keil, Alison Evans, Rebecca Lim, Lili Wilkinson and Gary Lonesborough.
Imagining Future with (L to R) Melissa Keil, Alison Evans, Rebecca Lim, Lili Wilkinson and Gary Lonesborough

Since May this year, authors Lili Wilkinson, Rebecca Lim, Gary Lonesborough, Alison Evans and Melissa Keil have been working together to create five stories, all linked and all set in a speculative future on a remote outpost on the moons of Jupiter.  Their stories will be released on the Future You website from September, together with dramatized readings of the stories, posters for classrooms and libraries, and teaching guides.

A nationwide writing competition for secondary students and above will be launched later in the year, giving young people across Australia the opportunity to see their work published online in an ebook alongside the stories from Lili, Rebecca, Gary, Melissa and Alison. The writing competition will also be followed by a graphic art competition for the nation’s budding graphic artists. Details about how YOUR school can get involved will be posted on the Future You website, so sign up there.

A graphic artist's depiction of Lili Wilkinson staring into the night sky. She's wearing a suit that has a purple emblem on the right shoulder which says Lili and has two green leaves on it.
Lili Wilkinson, Imagining The Future. Artist: Cassandre Collins
An image of the Imagine the Future writers, in a park. There are leaves on the ground. It's autumn. From left to right, Alison Evans is standing in the background. Lili Wilkinson is sitting at a table in the foreground. Rebecca Lim is standing in the background. Melissa Keil is sitting on top of a different table to Lili. Gary Lonesborough is standing in the background.
Imagining The Future with (L to R) Alison Evans, Lili Wilkinson, Rebecca Lim, Melissa Keil and Gary Lonesborough.

The competition

To kick off Imagining The Future, we have teamed up with SCIS’s Connections magazine and our five writers to offer school libraries an opportunity to win a set of five novels (see below for titles) from the Imagining The Future writers* and a complete set of five portrait posters, signed by the writers themselves.

Winners will also receive an EXCLUSIVE preview of the Imagining The Future stories, in advance of the launch.

To enter, email  with Connections in the Subject line and include your school’s name, state and contact details.

The titles to be won are:

Good luck and see you in the future!

*Please note these titles are suitable for young adults (12+)

Winners will be notified by email.

Terms and conditions apply.

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More about Imagining the Future

Imagining The Future is a program of the Future You project, an initiative from the Australia’s Government’s Women in STEM Ambassador.

Imagining The Future introduces students to the exciting world of STEM through short stories written by some of Australia’s most acclaimed authors of fiction for Young Adults from The Wheeler Centre.

The program features relatable protagonists who work with STEM-related knowledge to tackle the challenges faced by a society of the near future.

Imagining The Future will stimulate young people’s interest in working in STEM and support interest in creative writing.

A graphic artist's depiction of Professor Lisa Harvey Smith. Lisa is standing outside in front of a satellite, staring up at the night sky triumphantly with her hands on her hips. In front of Lisa is text that says "Lisa stargazer'.

More about Future You

Future You aims to inspire young people across Australia with an interest in pursuing careers in engineering, technology, science and maths. It has a specific remit to engage with children and schools in remote, rural and Indigenous communities.

Get in touch at  and see you in the future!

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