Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning helps children to develop skills in problem solving, critical and creative thinking and collaboration. These life skills underpin new and exciting careers of the future. 

Participation rates of women in engineering, computing and physics in high-school, tertiary education and VET are low. Parents and carers play a vital role in influencing children’s perception and confidence around STEM subjects and careers. The language used in conversations, books they read, toys they play with and the technology they use, all impact on choices that children make.

More than ever before, parents and carers are busy supporting, guiding and engaging with their children’s education. Useful resources, events and videos to help engage children with STEM can be found below.

STEM story time

Lisa Harvey-Smith shares a tip to improve girls' confidence in maths

Maths anxiety is a psychological condition which leads to lack of confidence in mathematics. This can lead to poorer outcomes in standardised tests. Maths anxiety affects girls more acutely than boys. Researchers in the US found parents talk about numbers and counting 3 times more with boys than they do with girls. Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith in a National Press Club address tells us how we can boost girls’ confidence in maths by asking them “how many flowers can you see?” 🌸🌼🌻