Examples of STEM Equity Program Evaluations

"It can be useful to look at real program evaluations as examples or templates
when developing your evaluation plan or producing your report."
Isabelle Kingsley
Research Associate | Office of the Women in STEM Ambassador
We asked some of Australia’s STEM equity programs to share their evaluations as examples. They outline the entire process—from the evaluation plans to the completed reports.


Each of the examples applies the 5 steps of the National Evaluation Guide: Define, Plan, Design, Execute and Share.
Download the National Evaluation Guide

It contains practical advice, worksheets and templates to evaluate your program.

5 Steps to evaluate STEM gender equality program infographic

Pilot of a national gender equity and diversity accreditation framework in the higher education and research sector.

An online directory to improve the representation of women in STEM in Australia.

A coalition of influential leaders to achieve change on gender equity in organisations.

A 12-week program for girls 7-17 years old to change the way girls perceive and engage with STEM.

A program to help STEM professionals to return to work after a career break.

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