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Lisa media and communications

This Australian media organisation achieved a 50/50 gender split in two years. So can yours.

Women's voices need to be better represented in the media. Find out how to go about increasing the participation of women as news sources and quotes.


Support a culture of evidence-based practice for STEM gender equity programs

If you're a leader or funder in business, government, research and education you can help create a culture of evidence-based practice.


Why's and what's of evaluation: SAGE reveals the secrets of measuring impact

Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) reveal high quality evaluation can be done cheaply and with time to spare.


Why's and what's of evaluation: Tech Girls reveal the secrets to a good response rate‚Äč

With many different cohorts to survey, Tech Girls reveal different tactics to get a good response rate.

Future You 2560 x1707 (1)

A national awareness raising initiative is helping shift STEM job stereotypes

Future You is helping increase interest in STEM jobs among children, particularly girls, for whom strong interest increased three-fold.

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